Course curriculum

  • 1

    Developing Inner Communication

    • CH1 P1 Goals of Reprogramming

    • CH1 P2 A New Perception of Yourself

    • CH1 P3 Meditation techniques

    • CH1 P3 (continued) How the Perception Chart Works

    • CH1 P4 Closing and Transcending Life Chapters

    • CH1 P4 (continued) Levels of Internalization of an Experience

    • CH1 P5 Foods to Develop Inner Connectedness

  • 2

    Reprogramming Initiation

    • CH2 P6 Initiation into Reprogramming

    • CH2 P7 Detaching from Limiting Identities and Roles

  • 3

    Physical Patterns

    • CH3 P8 Communicating with Your Body

    • CH3 P9 Activating Your Energy centers

    • CH3 P10 Keys to Release Old Patterns Part 1

    • CH3 P10 Keys to Release Old Patterns Part II

    • CH3 P11 Keys to Create New Patterns

    • CH3 P12 Methods to Release Patterns Triggered by Images and Memories

  • 4

    Perception Blockages

    • CH4 P13 Permissions vs. Limitations How Perception is Formed

    • CH4 P14 Removing Blockages

    • CH4 P15 Time and Space Patterns

    • CH4 P15 Practice

    • CH4 P 16 Oneness

  • 5

    Reprogramming Breathing

    • CH5 P 17 Implanting Physical Patterns

    • CH5 P 18 Reaching Awareness Through Serotonin

    • CH5 P19 Reaching Awareness Through Adrenaline

  • 6


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